I used to struggle with creating beautiful sets that would actually last. I was desperately searching the internet for the answers to all my questions, but still struggled to figure out all the missing pieces to mastering retention.

After a year and a half, I experimented, researched, and worked with top product manufacturers to put everything I've learned into this course. While juggling motherhood, I took my time creating this course, 6 months to be exact. I went from not even making a thousand dollars a month to 6k months within my first year of lashing.

I know the feeling of self-doubt and uncertainty when you are first beginning your lash journey. You just want all the right information in one place. This is why I have created courses that will equip you with the latest information and techniques in the lash industry.

Skip all the trial and error, stop wasting your money on products you don't need, and be the most knowledgeable and confident lash artist in your city.